The Unicorn in Liber Animalium (1595)

This wonderful pen-and-ink drawing of a unicorn appeared in the Liber Animalium, a handwritten book containing 245 drawings and descriptions of animals and mythical creatures. An unknown person completed the work around 1595.

The author included details of the anatomy, development, and behavior of the creatures. He gathered the descriptions gathered from ancient and medieval texts including Aristotle’s, Historia animalium (ca. 300 BCE), Pliny the Elder’s, Naturalis historia (ca. 79 CE), Aelianus’, De historia animalium (ca. 200 CE), and Albertus Magnus’, De natura animalibus (ca. 1260 CE).

The Liber Animalium is found in the Add MS 82955 housed at the British Library.

The pen-and-ink drawing of the unicorn appears on folio 191r.

MS Harley 367 Historia Animalium ‎ (1595)

The following is the description of the monoceros aka unicorn appears on folio 190v.

Harley MS 367 Historia Animalium ‎ (1595)

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